Veerle Baetens

as Elise

VEERLE BAETENS (°1978) graduated from Brussels Conservatorium in 2000. Before graduating, she already made her debut playing the lead in MISSTOESTANDEN (1999 Renaat Coppens). Subsequently, she continued her study in Toulouse, where she acted in some memorable short movies.

For two seasons, she traveled through Flanders and the Netherlands playing Pippi Longstocking in the musical with the same title. She earned various awards in that role, including ‘Johnny Kraaijkamp Award for Best Leading Actress’ and ‘Award for Best Emerging Talent’.

She simultaneously played the leading roles in DENNIS VAN RITA (Love Belongs to Everyone) (2005, Hilde Van Mieghem) and the comedy VERLENGD WEEKEND (Long Weekend) (2005, Hans Herbots).

After her version of the character Sara in the television novel with the same title, she is definitively seen as the most popular Flemish actress. She won three awards: the Flemish TV Star Most Popular TV Personality, the Flemish TV Star Best Actress and the Telenet Kids Award.

The success story continued in 2009. In the TV series Code 37, Veerle played the character of Hannah Maes, the tormented chief of the Ghent Vice Section. Due to the success of the first season, broadcaster VTM ordered both a second and third season and a feature film.
The film CODE 37 - THE MOVIE, based on the series, was released in the Flemish cinemas in October 2011 and became the runner-up box office hit after Rundskop (Bullhead).

She recently released her debut cd as the singer of the group 'Dallas'.

Johan Heldenbergh

as Didier

JOHAN HELDENBERGH (°1967) graduated from Studio Herman Teirlinck.
He played parts in a number of much talked-about productions, including Ten Oorlog (Blauwe Maandag Compagnie), Mijn Blackie (HetPaleis & Nieuwpoorttheater), Allemaal Indiaan (Victoria en Les Ballets C. de la B.) and Maria Eeuwigdurende Bijstand (DasTheater & Theater Zuidpool).
In 2000, he joined the resident group of Theater Zuidpool.

On the silver screen, Heldenbergh can be admired in productions such as ANTONIA (Oscar winner 1995) by Marleen Gorris, ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS by Tom Barman and STEVE + SKY by Felix van Groeningen.

With Massis, the musical, a monologue written by himself, Heldenbergh toured the country from spring 2004 through fall 2005. In 2006, Heldenbergh joined forces with Marijke Pinoy and Arne Sierens in Compagnie Cecilia.

In 2009, Johan made the play The Broken Circle Breakdown featuring the Cover-Ups of Alabama, in collaboration with Mieke Dobbels, again in a production by Compagnie Cecilia. Both the public and the press were unanimous in their praise.
A total of about 130 shows were presented in Flanders and the Netherlands, all of which were sold out. Specially for the show, Johan learned how to play the banjo, guitar and mandolin. 

The cinema version of the play by Felix van Groeningen (Johan worked with him before in STEVE + SKY, 2004, and DE HELAASHEID DER DINGEN (The Misfortunates), 2009), undoubtedly is a highlight in the unique history of this play. He does not mind the title having been cut in half for the movie.

Nell Cattrysse

as Maybelle

NELL CATRYSSE (°2006) has no stage or movie record whatsoever. She spontaneously responded to a casting call. She was selected from about 500 candidates after months of literally playing with director Felix and Anke Blondé, the casting director. Nell is just fantastic. To put it in the words of her film daddy (Johan Heldenbergh): "When Nell laughs, the sun shines". It is so lovely working with her. We would like to make use of this opportunity to thank her real mum and dad for their super-sympathetic collaboration.

Geert Van Rampelberg

as William

GEERT VAN RAMPELBERG (°1975) graduated from Studio Herman Teirlinck in 1998. In the theatre, he played with the theatre groups HetPaleis, Theater Zuidpool, KVS, 't Arsenaal, Bronks and Het Toneelhuis among others in the productions Alleen op de Wereld, Blind Date, De Gebroeders Leeuwenhart, Leven en Werken van Leopold II and De Collega's.
He is the co-founder of and associated with Olympique Dramatique, together with Stijn Van Opstal, Tom Dewispelaere and Ben Segers of the same cohort. With this company, he played in Neen, Serieus, Drie Kleuren Wit, De Jossen, De Geruchten and Kunstminnende Heeren.
In 1997, he scored his first role in Windkracht 10 (Stormforce). Subsequently, he played roles in F.C. De Kampioenen, Flikken, Café Majestic, Recht op Recht and played in a number of short movies.
From 2003, he played in various TV series and feature films. His break-through to the general public was thanks to a leading role in the VTM TV series Code 37 as Koen Verberk, the love interest of Hannah Maes (Veerle Baetens) and a role in the fiction series Dubbelleven on één. Geert also played a major role in SWOONI (2011, Kaat Beels), in Code 37 – The Movie (2011, Jakob Verbruggen) and in Nic Balthazar's second feature film, TOT ALTIJD (Time Of My Life), which was released in January 2012.

Nils De Caster

as Jock

NILS DE CASTER (°1969) started violin studies at the tender age of eight at the music academies of Deinze, Gentbrugge, Ledeberg and Aalter. In addition to violin, he also plays mandolin, guitar and dobro (although he denies the latter).
In addition to a gigantic amount of live gigs (including with De Laatste Showband, Eikels Worden Bomen, Roland Van Campenhout, The Pink Flowers, Wigbert and Jan De Wilde), he regularly composes music for theatre productions.
During 2009 and 2010, he played in Johan Heldenbergh's theatre play as a violinist-actor. When Felix was looking for a violinist for his movie, the choice was easy and now Nils is making his debut as an actor-violinist.

Robby Cleiren

as Jimmy

ROBBY CLEIREN (°1971) graduated from the Antwerp Conservatorium in 1994. He immediately started up De Roovers with his fellow students, a company he has been active in to date.
In addition to his extensive work in plays, he was a frequent guest actor in just about all TV series of the past years, including Buiten de Zone, Windkracht 10 (Stormforce), Recht op Recht, Witse, Aspe and Code 37.
Robby also played in various movies, such as DE HELAASHEID DER DINGEN (The Misfortunates), in which he plays a bailiff unlucky enough to have to deal with the Strobbe family. No wonder that Felix casted him again in the role of a slightly absent-minded musician in The Broken Circle Breakdown.

Bert Huysentruyt

as Jef

BERT HUYSENTRUYT (°1980) is the second musician-actor in the movie with Nils de Caster. Bert's father started teaching him music when he was just five. Apparently successfully so, as many years later, Bert graduated from the Antwerp Conservatorium as a drummer-percussionist. Meanwhile, he is the drummer of several bands, including Gorki, Guido Belcanto, Het Zesde Metaal and many others.
He was also recently involved with various theatre productions of Theater Stap, Het Toneelhuis and Bronks. The step to pure acting work proved not as difficult or huge as expected, as Bert now features in a host of commercials and short films.
In The Broken Circle Breakdown, we can see Bert as an actor-contrabass player.

Jan Bijvoet

as Koen

JAN BIJVOET (°1966) graduated from Studio Herman Teirlinck. In 1991 he made his theatre debut with NTGent in Jozef in Egypte, Nachtelijk Symposium and Gruis. This was followed by collaborations with TG Ceremonia by Eric De Volder, Blauwe Maandag Compagnie and Het Toneelhuis. Since 2005, he forms the artistic core of Theater Zuidpool with Sofie Decleir and Koen Van Kaam. In 2007, he was nominated for the Flemish Culture Award for performing Arts. Jan played guest roles in De Kotmadam, Heterdaad, Recht op Recht, Flikken, Rupel, Witse and Kinderen van Dewindt. He played a major part in Van vlees en bloed (2009).

Blanka Heirman

as Denise

BLANKA HEIRMAN (°1941) graduated from Studio Herman Teirlinck in 1965. She was soon seen in a wide variety of films, including De week van de kapiteins, Het kleine Mahagonny, De jongste dag, Paradijsvogels, Yerma, Het gezin van Paemel, Het verloren paradijs, De Witte van Sichem (Whitey), Blueberry Hill, Het sacrament (The Sacrament) and Blind.
She played in various TV series, including Bex & Blanche, Niet voor publicatie, Ons geluk, Brylcream Boulevard, Kongo, Flikken, Recht op Recht, FC De Kampioenen and Aspe. In The Broken Circle Breakdown, Blanka plays Didier's (Johan Heldenbergh) mother.